08 Jul 2020

Merger between the UNOG and Aigle CIA cooperatives

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The artificial insemination and reproduction techniques cooperatives UNOG (North West Genetics Union) and the Aigle CIA (Artificial Inseminaton Centre) are to merge on 23 December next. Their aim is to become the 3rd biggest French group offering the highest possible level of genetics, from the best possible international origins. The merger, which will come into force on 31 December 2013 after a vote by members, will result in a single cooperative, whose name and graphic identity will be revealed on 23 December during the general assemblies surrounding the merger.

Clearly defined objectives have been announced : To become a significant player in the setting up and sale of services and bovine genetics in France and abroad. By pooling their strengths, technologies and knowledge, the two cooperatives will guarantee their breeder members the best quality services, along with ever more innovation and access to cutting-edge genetics, all at a competitive price on the French and international markets.

The second objective is to accelerate international development. Supported by its foreign subsidiaries and international partnership network, the future cooperative wants to strengthen worldwide exports to emerging countries. Basic values : The two organisations together will remain faithful to the values they have always defended, being at the service of their breeder members and maintaining the cooperative spirit that defines their organisations. Almost 200 collaborators, including 115 inseminators and 8 geneticists, engineers and technicians, supported by breeder-selectors are working actively through genomic selection to ensure that the selection protocols and genetic dissemination run smoothly.

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