26 Oct 2020

General conditions of use

Article 1 – Definitions

Each of the terms mentioned below will have, in these General Conditions of Use (hereinafter known as « the GCU »), the following meaning:

The Subscription : Subscription by the Visitor to one or several magazines offered by the site.
The advertisers : Legal person benefitting from a dedicated space for the publication of his/her advertisements on the Site.
Contribution : Texts, photographs, videos, commentaries, montages and more generally, any content created by the Visitor and posted on the Site, notably in a public space.
Personal Data : Any information relating to an identified natural person or a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to a name, an identification number or one or more elements that are his/hers alone.
Partner : A natural or legal person having a contractual link with Agriculture Internationale.
Services : Set of functions placed at the disposition of Visitors by Agriculture Internationale and available on the Site.

Article 2 – Costs and Expenses

The Site is accessible free of charge to any Visitor with Internet access. All software and materials needed for the use and functioning of the services of the Site, Internet access and communications charges are the Visitor’s responsibility. The Visitor alone is responsible for the correct functioning of his/her IT equipment and Internet access.

Article 3 – Reception of newsletters

The Visitor must take all measures necessary to protect this data. He/she must also provide a valid email address. An « unsubscribe » link is provided in each newsletter addressed to Visitors.

Article 4 – Services offered by the Site

The Site provides its Visitors with editorial content amongst which figures, without in any way claiming to be an exhaustive or definitive list, online access to articles in the press, and information from Advertisers and Partners.

Article 5 – Contributions to social media

Visitors to the Site who have a Facebook or Google account can post online Contributions on these social media placed at their disposition on the Site. These Contributions, or « likes » or « share » may be linked to the Site.

Social media are subject to the rules and General Conditions of Use issued by their publishers. Agriculture Internationale cannot be held responsible for the suppression of a Contribution or suppression of the social media in question, etc. Visitors are advised to familiarise themselves with the General Conditions of these companies.

Agriculture Internationale acts as a content host and has no general obligation to monitor Contributions nor any general obligation to check for facts or circumstances relating to illicit activities. It is not therefore required to guarantee the exactitude, probity and authenticity of the Contributions. Agriculture Internationale declines all responsibility in any shape or form for Contributions published on online social media. However, with the aim of protecting Visitors, Agriculture Internationale reserves the right, if need be, to modify Contributions at a later date.

Agriculture Internationale and/or its moderator reserve the right, at their own discretion, to refuse or withdraw without warning or compensation any Contribution that violates any existing laws and regulations. Visitors with a Facebook account may also request, by clicking on “Facebook: suppression” the suppression of any article they may have posted on the Site.

All Visitors agree to submit to the following rules :Visitors must not post Contributions containing a virus or other codes likely to endanger the functioning of the Site. They must not send or publish Contributions of a commercial nature. Only Advertisers and Partners are allowed to publish advertisements. If the Visitor wishes to make public use, commercial or otherwise, of the information on the Site, he/she must solicit the express agreement of Agriculture Internationale. Visitors must not make any declarations that may harm the image and reputation of the Site or any other media edited by Agriculture Internationale. Visitors must not harm the image or reputation of a brand, product, organisation or any natural or legal person. They must not exploit the Site to political, religious or sectarian ends and must guarantee the exactitude, loyalty and legality of Contributions published online on the Site.

Article 6 – Partnerships

Agriculture Internationale sets up partnerships to enrich the content and services offered by the Site. The latter may also contain pages or spaces featuring offers of products and services to which Visitors have access if they so wish. These offers by Partners and Advertisers are published independently and are their sole responsibility. Consequently, Agriculture Internationale takes no responsibility whatsoever on any basis for offers consulted in this way or for any transactions which may result from them since Partners and Advertisers alone enter into a contractual relationship with Visitors to the Site.

The content of the Partners and Advertisers pages remains their intellectual property. All reproduction, re-publication or resale by any means whatsoever without the written consent of the Partners and Advertisers concerned is formally prohibited by Law. Since these GCU do not apply to the content and offers of Partners and Advertisers, Visitors are advised to familiarise themselves with the Partners and Advertisers own General Conditions of Use and General Conditions of Sale.

Article 7 – Information provided on the Site

Agriculture Internationale can give no guarantee of the reliability of the information given on the Site, whether published by Agriculture Internationale or its Partners. It is published in the interests of information only.

Article 8 – Copyright

The entire site is governed by French and International Copyright and Intellectual Property law. All reproduction rights are reserved, including those for downloadable documents. The reproduction of all or any part of the www.agriculture-internationale.com Site on any electronic or paper media whatsoever is strictly forbidden without the express authorisation of the Director of Publication.

Article 9 – Linked Sites and Hypertext Links

The Site may contain hypertext links to third-party sites or external sources that do not belong to Agriculture Internationale and which are given in the interests of information only. These links are not checked by Agriculture Internationale, which cannot be held responsible for the availability of such sites and external sources nor guarantee them. The decision to activate these links is the sole and entire responsibility of the Visitor.

Agriculture Internationale exercises no control over these sites and declines all responsibility for access, content or use or any damages that may result from the consultation of the information presented on these sites. Since these GCU do not apply to the content of these external sites, Visitors are advised to familiarise themselves with the General Conditions of Use and the General Conditions of Sale of the Partners and Advertisers.

Article 10 – Conservation and Archiving

Under the terms of the Act of 21 June 2004 relating to the Digital Economy, Agriculture Internationale is required, as a content host, to hold and conserve data that permits the identification of any person who has published content through it, so as to be available should the judicial authorities request it.

After the termination or deactivation of a Visitor’s account, such data is archived in a reliable, durable medium in such a way as to be a faithful and long-lasting copy in conformity with Article 1348 of the Civil Code. In case of conflict between these digital files and a Visitor’s document, it is expressly agreed between the parties that the digital files of Agriculture Internationale take precedence over the Visitor’s documents and that they alone will be admitted as proof.

Article 11 – Personal Data

In application of Article 16 of the Act of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, the Site has been declared to CNIL.

Collection and Use of Data : You may be asked for your email address, family name, first name and other personal information on the Site through the newsletter, in order to contribute to the Site (forum, blog, commentary, notes, writing an article, sending photos), or to benefit from a special offer, etc.

Certain information requested on the forms is compulsory. This is indicated by an asterisk. We must inform you that should you choose not to communicate this, we will not be able to process your request.

The categories of personal data collected are the following : identity, email address, postal address and Profession.

Only personal data provided voluntarily by you will be collected. Agriculture internationale will use this to respond to your requests concerning certain services and to optimise the operation and efficiency of the Site.

We agree not to sell or communicate to third-parties the addresses of our web users without first obtaining their permission.

Rights over access, modification and suppression of your personal data : Information is conserved by Agriculture internationale for an unlimited period of time. We would like to inform you that you have a right to access, rectify and withdraw all this information and in particular, personal data collected or previously generated, during or after processing.

These rights may be exercised in conformity with the conditions laid down by the modified Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and its decrees of application relating to “data processing, data files and individual liberties”, by making a direct request to Agriculture internationale by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Article 12 – Cookies

Agriculture internationale reserves the right, for the purpose of the correct use of its Site, to place « cookies » on your computer and to have access to them. A cookie is a small file, often anonymous, containing data, notably a unique identifier, transmitted by the server from a website to your navigator and stored on the hard disk of your computer.

Configuration relative to the cookies on your navigator : You can configure your navigator to accept all the cookies sent by the sites you consult, to systematically reject all cookies, or so that it asks you every time if you wish to accept them or not. Since each navigator is different, we invite you to consult the “help” section of your navigator for further information on how to configure the acceptance of cookies.

Article 13 – Reporting illicit content

Visitors can report the publication of any Contribution they may have noticed that bears no relation to the subject under discussion, which is contrary to the Site’s editorial line or to the present GCU and/or which contravenes current laws and regulations. Visitors may also, at any time, by the same process, request the suppression of their Contributions posted on the Site.

Article 14 – Tribunals and applicable law

These GCU are governed by French law. Where they have been translated into one or several languages, only the French text is admissible in case of litigation. Any litigation arising from these GCU, concerning their validity, interpretation, execution or termination, their consequences or further development, will be submitted to the Nanterre Tribunal.